About Fleur De Louie

Born and raised in New Orleans, La., and the greater metropolitan areas, Fleur De Louie was created by Nicholas G. Bigler in the earlier part of the year 2006. It was a time when Mr. Bigler had felt a need for a community advocate and friend. After doing extensive research on the character for several years, Fleur De Louie was introduced to the public through one of the city of New Orleans favorite pass times, Music! Louie is a self proclaimed Mascot, Music Lover, Advocate and Friend and for all who may cast thier eyes upon him may he represent and signify life, prosperity, and good fortune. Louie particularly takes pleasure in encouraging our youth to do well in school and avoid trouble so that they may be able to accomplish great things throughout thier life. Feel free to send him an email @ Fleurdelouie@yahoo.com, as he looks forward to a life long friendship with the people who know him. Keep checking back with Louie for new links and useful information. If you know of a good cause that would benefit the community and would like Louie to add information for that cause to this page, please email him at the above email address with your suggestions. Thank You for your interest in Fleur De Louie. Have a great day!

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